Veggie coated salmon


The inspiration for this recipe found me on my trip to Norway, where I tried something similar in a restaurant. It looked really yum and it smelled even better – and the taste! The combination of roasted fennel and mysterious yellow sauce on juicy salmon was just delicious. After I got home and got hold of […]

Bo Bun


Ive got the recipe for this Vietnamese salad from my beautiful friend Oceane ..and I fell in love with tender beef, crunchy carrot, fresh salad and spicy rice noodles instantly. I enjoy making this dish because it is delicious, easy to make and it is amazing for summer. Ingredients (serves 2): – 200-300g of sliced […]

Swedish meatballs (Köttbullar)

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Meatballs are very popular in Sweden – I have been living in Jönköping only for two weeks and I have already eaten meatballs for breakfast, for lunch and for dinner (twice). But I already understand why everybody loves them – they are delicious, filling and you can eat them with anything you like. I served […]

Poulet creme moutarde

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This was the first meal we made at our new kitchen in Jönköping becuse it is easy, quick and very very tasty. Not only we enjoyed an amazing dinner with just few basic ingredients but new placed smelled like home instantly. Ingredients (serves 2) – 2 boned chicken legs with skin on ( or breasts if you prefer) […]

Lemon chicken


The result of this simple recipe is delicious tender chicken meat with beautiful fresh flavours of herbs and lemon. I served this chicken with potatoes gratin but you can serve with anything you like. Do not forget to make a big bowl of salad as well Ingredients: (serves 2-4) – 1 organic, free range chicken (1,4 […]

Turmeric chicken with coconut cream sauce

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Turmeric, a splendidly yellow spice that is nowadays gaining in popularity even thought it has been using for many years in India. It has distinctive warming taste which can be used in countless ways when cooking. However turmeric is not only a seasoning – it is a wonderful remedy with anti-inflammatory properties and it is a strong antioxidant that […]