Carrot cake


This might be the best gluten free carrot cake I have ever tried! Juicy carrots go nicely with crunchy hazelnuts, spicy cinnamon and cream-cheese icing. Having this cake with warm herb tea after a walk in the colorful autumn weather we have these days is a piece of heaven. Ingredients: – 150g hazelnut flour (ground hazelnuts) […]

Breakfast blueberry cake


This cake is the star on Sunday brunch and life saver on Monday (and Tuesday) morning when you feel too lazy to prepare your breakfast. We picked lots of juicy fresh blueberries on our walk through Swedish forest one day and I made this cake with them, but you can as well use frozen blueberries […]

Breakfast bowl


This recipe is rather an inspiration than detailed instructions on how to make this breakfast bowl because there ar unlimited options! And that is what I love about it – you can make your delicious filling breakfast fast and you can always use different, seasonal fruits. Base: In a blender (or coffee grinder) grind 2 tbs of […]

Buckwheat pikelets


These beautiful gluten-free pikelets are so fluffy and delicious! You have to try making them on Sunday morning:). Serve them with anything you love – fresh fruit, yogurt, chocolate or jam. Ingredients: (serves 2-3) – 120g buckwheat flour – tsp gluten-free baking powder – pinch salt – 1 organic egg – 15g cane sugar – 180-200ml water or milk Choose any milk […]

Chocolate mousse cake


This flourless cake with divine dark chocolate flavour is so simple! Only 4 ingredients in it will make you lick all of your 10 fingers Ingredients: – 150g organic dark cooking chocolate (70% cacao) – 110g butter – 80g cane sugar – 4 organic eggs, separated – a bit of salt     Method: 1. Preheat the oven […]

Marbled Mango Cheesecake


Mango, popular tropical fruit full of vitamines, is similarly to carrot rich in antioxidant beta-caroten which is well-known for its benefits on skin. Fresh mango can also help you digest meals rich in proteins. Not only you can eat it fresh as a snack but also you can drink mango juice (mixed with fresh orange juice is […]

Christmas Cider Cake


Cider is a beverage made out of  fermented apple juice. Even though it contains alcohol it might be also good for you (when drink in an appropriate measure) as it is, similarly to red wine, full of antioxidants that help your body fighting free radicals. Moreover, bubbles make the cake beautifly fluffy and apple cider […]

Almond cake

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Im writing this recipe couple of hours after I launched Mangofique. Ive got many beautiful messeges full of lovely words. Therefore Ive decided to celebrate by baking one of the yummiest cake I know. It is a Swedish recipe that is originally called Zuleikatårta. Ingredients: Base: – 3 egg whites – 100g grounded almonds (almond flour) […]