Kvass is a probiotic drink that has been consumed in Eastern Europe since ancient times. This version uses beets, which are wonderful for purifying the blood and cleansing the liver. They are also loaded with electrolytes, minerlas, vitamine C and vitamine B which is important  for good functioning of our organs and it works as […]

Homemade cheese and whey


Making your own cheese at home is so simple! Starting with some milk kefir you will be able to enjoy fresh cream cheese at tomorrow mornings breakfast. If you don”t have kefir grains I highly recommend you get some. You should be able to find them either in an organic-groceries store, online or from someone who is […]

Milk Kefir


After reading this post you will probably think that my website should have been called “Kefirfique”. That would be because I am not hiding my obsession with this amazing grain. I can guarantee that you will love having kefir at home – not only because taking care of kefir grain is super easy but also, for its multiple uses. […]