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Tip: Zero waste alternatives – Mühle

Couple of months ago Ive found an amazing website of Bea Johnson – Zero Waste Home. Bea and her family live “zero-waste lifestyle” and in one year this family of four produces one jar of non-recyclable waste. One jar!! That’s less than some people produce over a lunch. Ive got very inspired and I have started to do lots of research and Ive discovered that there are many people trying to limit their footprint on the environment this way– with all social media it is so easy to follow their ideas and get inspired. Visit Bea´s Zero Waste Home website or Instagram and I also admire and follow the work of Lauren from Trash is For Tossers.

It can seem like a big challenge and you might feel like it would be too much work. I think it is very important to start somehow – you don’t have to start where others are after years of practice, start as you can, with little change every day. For example place a reusable shopping bag into the bag that you carry to work every day so you don’t have to get those disposable plastic ones at shop etc.

I have decided that I am going to introduce you some “zero waste – friendly” products that I use and love. I am not supported or sponsored by none of the brands that I am going to present to you and I will give my honest opinion on them. If you are interested in zero-waste tips click here or here. Also I will be adding more tips myself here on Mangofique.

I would like to start with saftey razors from Mühle.  Mühle is a provider of high-quality accessories for wet shaving from Germany.


I have sensitive skin so I have never been a fan of waxing or lasers. Disposable plastics razors are real enemies of recycling. I doubt that there is someone who seperates metal blades from plastic parts and recycle. Also, these razors don’t last very long and even the “better” ones are not too cheap when considering their quality and lifetime.


Recently, I have purchased beautiful white safety razor from Mühle. Handle of my one is made of porcelain with chrome-plated metal highlights. And I am really happy with it !! Initial costs are not low – but if you take a good care of it it will last you for life. Also, 10 stainless steel blades cost only 2,60 € and there is no plastic waste created from your shaving.



Company Mühle is a member of the Environmental Alliance of Saxony and they are committed to sustainability and cooperate with suppliers who uphold the same high standards. You can find many useful information about wet shaving on their website and you can also read about the history of the business so you know where the product you are buying is coming from and the conditions under which it was produced. Also you can purchase some organic cosmetic products for shaving – all of them contain only plant raw materials obtained from controlled organic cultivation or from controlled organic wild harvesting and there are no synthetic dyes or fragrances, silicones, parabens or mineral oil-based raw materials.

It can be an amazing gift for you or someone else : )



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