Sourdough – starter

If yon dont get discouraged by the fact the making your first starter takes a bit of time you, you wont regret and you will save yourself a lot of time and money in the future. Even though the process of making the starter is quite long is extremely simple! Traditionally, bread and other bakery products and pastry were prepared this way- without using a yiest. Besides your patience, you will need …



– 100g flour ( I use buckwheat)

– filtered water



1. In a glass or plastic container mix 30 grams of flour with water until you get smooth mixture. For stirring, use wooden spoon. Close the container and let the mixture set for 24 hours at the room temperature.

2. After 24 hours add 20 grams of flour and some more water to keep the thick and smooth consistence. Stir thoroughly, close the container and wait another day (24 hours).

3. Repeat the second step until the whole flour is used. (On the last day, you are only adding 10 g to the mixture).

And thats all! Your starter is ready to be used! Dont worry if you are planning to bake regularly – you dont have to make a new starter everytime. When you make a dough for a bread or pancakes or anything using sourdough, take 3-4 table spoons of that dough and put it in the plastic container and store in your fridge for 1-5 days.


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